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10 useful travel tips to organise your family before going away

The summer holidays are here. Whether it is your first time abroad with the family or if it is your annual getaway to your favourite destination, we have some advice for getting your family from A-to-B without the stress.

We have put together a list of top ten tips, which includes advice from real parents as well as our expert travel advice to help you plan before you go away.

  1. At home: Organise your documents:
  • Make sure you have a valid travel insurance policy and print documents or have them saved somewhere that are easily obtainable when you are least expecting to need it! If you havent a valid policy you can click though on link on this sentence to get one.
  • Make sure your EHIC is in date (they expire every 5 years)
  • Check Passport is in date (and has 6 months left before expiry if you’re travelling outside of Europe)
  • Check your visa paperwork is to hand
  • Have a doctors’ letters if you’re travelling with prescribed medication
  • Some countries require you to show a proof of relationship with your children if you don’t have the same surname as them. A birth certificate is evidence of your relationship and, though it is not compulsory, it can speed up immigration queues.
  1. Check the foreign office’s travel advice for the latest updates about your destination. Visit:
  2. Sort out travel money and let your bank know you’re travelling abroad – you can order from us if you wish to be delivered directly to you or to us in store, we have the best rates in Beverley
  3. Get packing: Before you start, double check your airline’s luggage restrictions to make sure your bags aren’t too big or heavy
  • Don’t forget adaptors! It is often the item which gets left behind meaning you have to  buy another one at the airport
  • Pack armbands and goggles for your children
  • Make sure your hand luggage has all of the essentials for the flight e.g. jumper in case you get cold, toys, toiletries. medicines for you and the children, a few snacks, something to read as well as money, travel documents, tickets and valuables
  1. Pack your children’s hand luggage with plenty of fun things to keep them occupied, such as tablets with their favourite programmes, music, storybooks, toys and colouring books. And a few snacks too.
  2. Put out the rubbish, set the burglar alarm, and make sure valuable items such as laptops, games consoles etc. are not on view from the outside.
  3. Get going: Before you leave , plan your journey and allow extra time in case of disruption, we are currently advising all customers to arrive at airports 3 hours before travel.
  • If you are driving listen to the TV and radio for traffic alerts
  • If you are travelling by train, keep up to date by following the transport news and Twitter alerts

  1. If you are planning to park your car at the airport, make sure you book in advance to get the best price. Always make sure your car park is part of the Independent Airport Parking Association’s (IAPA)
  2. If you are planning to hire a car when on holiday, pre-booking is the key to saving money, getting the right car and booking car seats for children. It’s especially important as we are now entering the peak time for holidays and, therefore, you could turn up to find there are no cars or little choice.
  3. Take lots of pictures and enjoy!

We hope you found these tips useful and we hope you have a lovely summer holiday!!

*Credit to ABTA for tips and advice

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